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Alterra PIM



Alterra Master Data Management (MDM)

Wilkhahn - Wilkening+Hahne GmbH+Co.KG

  • Alterra PIM
  • Alterra DAM
  • OFML-Import
  • Automation of Catalogs with Indesign
  • Product Configuration



Hauck GmbH + Co. KG


Team7 Natürlich Wohnen

TEAM 7 Natürlich Wohnen GmbH

Fallbeispiel Team7


 Toshiba EMEA

Replacement of a grown product database. The new Alterra based PIM system of Toshiba Europe manages and delivers product data for all subsidiaries in the European region.


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Messer Group - Messer Information Services

Large masterdata plattform for productdata in many languages. Sophisticated management of technical attributes. Intranet Product Finder with filters for properties and "inter-related" attributes.



Blaser Swisslube





  • Alterra::PIM
  • Alterra::DAM
  • Alterra::WebCatalog






Bataillard Wine



Karcher Design


Karcher Design GmbH

  • Alterra::PIM
  • Alterra::DAM
  • Alterra::SalesPortal::WebCatalog
  • EasyCatalog
  • Alterra::CPQ


Success Story:

Integration of a multi-site / multi-shop masterdata management. Multi language product data for all sales channels. Optimized data quality for extrensive use of attributes. Management of image data in 2D and 3D.






Bartels - Langness - Famila

Alterra MDM/PIM for consolidation and management of the product data pool for print and online marketing. The customer can steer periodic advertisements by workflows and special webapps.




Stahlwille Tools


Replacement of a grown product database.  Implementation of  Alterra PIM (Product Infomation Management) for print, web-catalogs, eCommerce-interfaces, BMECat, Nexmart interface and automatic CDRom-generation. 

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M+W Dental GmbH

Integration and Configuration of Alterra PIM for the central, international productdata management. Alterra PIM completes the existing SAP system and it supplies marketing- and sales data eCommerce systems and print catalogs. 

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Halfen Group


With more than 1.100 employees in 15 countries and more than 20.000 products Halfen is one of the most successful enterprises in concrete mounting and facade montage techniques.

Applied software:

Implementation of the Halfen product pricelists and product catalogs with Alterra PIM catalog software, Alterra Web to Print and Easycatalog.

The product data of Halfen are distributed European wide in many languages.

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Edeka -

Edeka is the largest group of enterprises in Geman food retail. Owner of the Edeka group are cooperatives where independent retailers have joined their forces.

Alterra MDM - PIM is used for managing online- and offline content wird for their plattform


Masterflex Group

Eingesetze Software:

Masterflex group is a leading manufacturer in the field of tube technology. Masterflex maintains product data in Alterra PIM MDM and streamlines its product-related translation in 8 languages. The plugin "Typo3 Connector" is used for the synchronization of product data to the web pages of  Masterflex group.

Product-related print advertising is generated by "Easycatalog" which is a plugin for Adobe Indesign.




  • Alterra PIM
  • Product-Configurator based on Alterra PCM
  • Connector for Typo3 for product exhibition on Thermokon's website

Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH manufactures sensors for the measurement of temperature, brightness, movement, air quality, humidity and pressure.



Sun Garden

Production planning of products from the areas of home and garden furniture. Use of product information for sales (use case ).







Publishing Group Rudolf Müller 

With the aid of Alterra PIM Rudolf Müller integrated an enterprise wide Master Data Management (MDM) and a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). The masterdata is used internally and externally. Example for the output of product data:

Website of the Publishing Group Rudolf Müller:

Read more in the project report ...



Hirschmann Car Communication GmbH

Replacement of a grown product database. Integration of Alterra Webcatalog for the presentation of product data in the enterprise portal.



Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH & Co. KG

WASI is the leading wholesaler of stainless steel parts and belongs to the Würth Gruppe.

Integration of Alterra PIM as the basis for multi-language parts catalogs. An extensive product catalog within the WASI webpage, the integration of B2B-webshop for stainless steel parts.

Consulting and integration of the system was carried out by our partner ZELLWERK.

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REHM GmbH u. Co. KG - Welding Technology

Rehm is an internationally operating manufacturer of welding machines. Rehm manage their multi language product portfolio in Alterra PIM based on the fundamental information of their SAP system. Very helpful: making use of the mature attribute management and the product classification module in Alterra PIM.


Amica International GmbH 

  • Alterra PIM
  • Contao CMS
  • Intranet Information Site (EXT JS)

Amica's broad product portfolio is based on stoves, ovens and hobs. These are manufactured in two factories in Wronki, Poland. Amica uses Alterra as the management tool for the detailed product description on their websites, to generate customer-related BMECat catalogs as well advanced product information for the sales team.

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The Wachendorff-Chemie GmbH manufactures cleaning and disinfectant, flushing and washing products, medicines, medical devices and cosmetics under the brand name "RHEOSOL" for the international market.


Fraunhofer Institut INT

  • Sepia OMS

Implementation of an intranet search application based on the Sepia Object Management System, Java and XML for the Fraunhofer Institute for scientific-technological trend analysis.



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Kataloge mit EasyCatalog

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  • Mit Sepia PIM und Adobe Indesign
  • Anbinden von Datenquellen
  • Fehler beim Satz minimieren
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