Technical Documentation with Alterra

Why should I create my technical documentation in Alterra?

The integration of Alterra is recommended in all cases where companies have so far created documents applying the "Search - Adapt - Save" approach:

  • Search for an existing document on the desired topic or a similar manual.
  • Open this document.
  • Adapt the document for the desired area of application.
  • Save the document with a new file name.

Controll View during Data Administration

It is inevitable that this approach results in unstructured and – from a certain point on – to amounts of redundant data or content that are no longer manageable.

Rationalization of technical documentation through the use of “information modules”

Using Alterra comes along with a number of advantages over the conventional procedure often used for technical documentation as described above:

By splitting and re-using individual information modules data redundancies are reduced to a minimum.

Prevention of redundant data storage as a result of document designs that vary by employee.

  • Significant reduction of translation costs.
  • Improved work flow and higher efficiency without additional staff.
  • Increased legal compliance of your documentation.
  • Elimination of hidden costs.

Cost analyses in many companies have shown that the use of Alterra leads to more streamlined and safer processes – and hence to a significant reduction in the production costs of documents. 

User-friendly handling

The creation of documentation with Alterra requires a very short learning phase.

Screenshot: Management of text blocks in Alterra

The user creates/selects centrally available text blocks and combines them to documents. A text block can be used in many different documents. The creation of the document is then performed at the push of a button.

Screenshot: Automatically Generated Document

Other areas of application 

In addition to the use in the field of "Technical Documentation", Alterra is also suitable for further areas of application:

  • Marketing: Product descriptions, advertising texts (see also PIM)
  • Sales: Product descriptions, offers
  • Design: Concept, project documentation
  • Quality Management: Work, process, test instructions
  • Support: Training manuals, service information
  • Human Resources / Personnel: Job descriptions and advertisements

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