The shopsystem for OFML

  • Your own webshop with OFML data.
  • Involves international partners in your eCommerce.
  • Realtime 3D product configuration in a browser.
  • Individual price calculation due to configurations.
  • Order management and attachment to your ERP sytem.


Combination of OFML-datasource - webshop - ERP


Shopsystem and Sales-Cockpit with OFML Data

The Alterra Webshop for OFML is your shop system that fully exploits the strengths of your OFML data. The system manages not only business data (OCD) but also handles your 3D data (ODB). It takes only a few clicks to create detailed product configurations and generate sales orders with extensive order lists. 

Product configuration in your webshop - features:

  • Navigation over categories
  • Fulltext search
  • Attribute filters
  • Product configurator
  • Product comparision
  • Shopping basket
  • Order list for your ERP system

  Shopsystem with product configuration from OFML data


Advantages for your eCommerce by an OFML shopsystem:

  • The sytem can be run in your own data center, in your "Own Cloud" or by Saas (Software as a Service).
  • Existing OFML data can be directly imported.
  • There are integrated maintenance tools for data optimization.
  • Multi-language product information for international commerce.
  • Individual prices per customer and per product as an option with constraints.
  • Products can be combined during the configuration process.
  • The system can keep an unlimited number of products, customers and prices.
  • Live presentation and rendering of 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Easy to configure partner shops for your sales partners.

Webshop with search in OFML data

Optimize OFML data qualitiy and extend datasets

In addition to OFML data you can also import or integrate product data in many other formats from other systems. If there is a need to optimize or extend your OFML data for certain markets or special sales contexts, there is a data maintenance back-end in the system that offers you lots of functions to individually enhance your product data. 

Sales orders directly to your ERP

The system automatically hands over sales orders to SAP or Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta). Perfect for your sales organizations: the integrated Sales Cockpit. Here you can create individual offers for your customers’ projects. For order data exchange, there is an order hub where order transmission to other ERP systems can be easily defined.

That's the way it works: screencast about the OFML webshop


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Screencast: Webshop für OFML



3D-Produktkonfigurator Beispiel: Sofa

Product-Configurator with Pricecalculation and Shoppingbasket. Example: Sofa

3D Locker Configurator based on Alterra::PCM


3D Locker Configurator based on Alterra::PCM

3D-Configurator for Furniture


Example: dining table. Design, width, depth, material and chairs are configurable. Dynamic price calculation.