Product Information Management

  • Store media neutral product information in one place
  • One data pool for many webshops
  • Rationalize data management and translations.
  • Make product data internationally available.
  • Supply data to webshops, websites and apps
  • Omni-channel-commerce: PoS, eCommerce and B2B


Alterra PIM Software - Top-Notch Product Information Management

Alterra Product Information Management (PIM) software enables the fast implementation of a professional product information management in your company. You manage even the most complex product data in your web browser and publish them automatically in different media and in the languages ​​of the markets served by you. 



 Fig.: The concept behind Sepia Alterra PIM software 

Because of its web-architecture based on opensource technologies,  the particular strength of Sepia Alterra Product Information Management (PIM) is in the global distribution of work steps. A flexible rights management system and a sophisticated workflow management optimize the work processes around the handling your product data. 


PIM software for succes in multi-channel-marketing

Fields of application of PIM software

In case of which problems is it advisable to use Sepia PIM software? Companies that have  product portfolio are depending on the use of product data management systems. In the long term multi channel product marketing can only be driven with product data that is centrally maintained and without redundancies.

Criteria for the use of PIM Software:


  • The number of products to maintain is extremely high.
  • A large number of variations of individual products must be maintained.
  • There is a lot of technical data per product.
  • The product data should be maintained in different languages.
  • Product data can have different characteristics per customer or sales area.
  • A structured presentation of the products is required.
  • The output of product data should be possible on different media.

PIM System: Architecture, Modules and Functions


PIM system: optimises internal processes and product data quality

So, what goals are to achieved with the introduction of a PIM system? Integrating a PIM system leads directly to qualitative improvements in the internal processes when dealing with product data and as a result in a significant improvement of the quality of your product data.

Objectives which can be achieved by PIM Software:


  • Optimization, processing, creation and structuring of article data.
  • Quick and easy provision of the article content in common standards. 
  • Introduction of on article creation process.
  • Increase of data quality by avoiding redundant data and ensuring a consistent nomenclature.
  • Optimization of item content for further use in online systems like Shopware, Adobe Commerce, Salesforce etc...

Alterra::PIM ist kompatibel mit den führenden Shopsystemen


Management of product relations in Alterra PIM.



Better product data and increasing productivity

How does Alterra PIM software increase productivity? Through the introduction of PIM software you can show your employees out of "Excel hell". Simultaneously working on multiple sets  of the same data belongs to the past. Documents and Excel lists are generated only if necessary at your fingertips - but they will not be used as databases anymore.

PIM System: workflows for product development, product managers, translators and eCommerce

PIM System: Workflows grafisch definieren im Workflow-Designer

Alterra PIM: Professional environment for defining workflows for your produktdata.


Result of the introduction of PIM software:


  • By avoiding multiple maintenance of product data.
  • Centralised product maintenance involves a considerable savings potential.
  • Short production times for your advertising materials (= shorter time to market).
  • Improved data quality.
  • Improved internal access to information.
  • Simplified distribution of product data in an international sales context.

Overview of functions of Alterra PIM Software...



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