• Product Information Management

    Product Information

    • Store media neutral product informationen in one place
    • One data pool for many web shops
    • Rationalize data management and translations.
    • Make product data internationally available.
    • Supply data to webshops, websites and apps
  • Product Configuration Management

    Manage Product Configuration

    • Easily implement product configurators for your salesteam and for webshops
    • Define conditions for the application of your products
    • Quickly search and find compatible products and components
    • Maximum customer satisfaction by better search results
    • Multiplies the expertise of your sales team
    • Relief for your sales team through less routine inquiries
  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Product Lifecycle Management

    • Completely depict a product's live cycle
    • Work on product creation in distributed teams
    • Targeted management of changes of product features
    • Compliance with standards in the enterprise
  • Database Publishing and Web2Print

    Database Publishing
    and Web2Printt

    • Automatically transfer productdata to print documents
    • Use a webbased PIM aystem as data source
    • Format web and print with only one stylesheet
    • Optimize the workflows of your marketing
  • Digital Asset Management

    Digital Asset Management

    • Store media assets in categories and hierachies
    • Add metadata to your files
    • Quick search and find of digital assets
    • Intelligent versioning of graphic files
    • Automatic image- and video conversion
    • PIM integration: link files to products

Alterra® PIM

Product Information Management

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Alterra® PCM

Product Configuration Management

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Alterra® DAM

Digital Asset Management

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Alterra® Web2Print

Print and Web from a Single Datasource

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Breaking News:


Product Configuration and Virtual Reality in the Furniture Trade

In the furniture trade, 3D product configuration can be used very well on the exhibition area as a central sales tool for high-quality and complex products.


Pflegetool für BMECat gesucht? BMECatManager für Microsoft Access!

Datenpflege für BMECat2005 einfach mit MS-Access



"International product communication is of strategic importance for our business.

We are now well equipped to cope with the growing challenges in this sector."

Frank Suhr, Head of Marketing and Communication, Stahlwille


About Sepia

Alterra® Product Information Management Software enables the fast implementation of a professional product marketing in your company.

Sepia's services are: determination of the requirements of a PIM system, system-integration and finally the rollout of the software.

The result: you can manage complex product data and publish it "target-group-wise" into different systems in the languages of the markets served by you.

Product Information Management

Significantly faster product introduction by Product Information Management

Alterra PIM makes product launches much faster for all channels. Sepia's customers can do product roll outs within a quarter of time by product Information management - in all areas: e-commerce, point of sale, print catalogs, websites, apps and for its trading partners.

Unique brand experience for your customers by Omni-channel Commerce

Customers should not have to worry about in what context, where or on which channel he looks for the product or where he makes his purchase. The buying experience should run as smoothly as possible for your customers, so that it is not relevant for the buyer that the sales channel has been changed. To create this effect is the most important requirement for product management, marketing and sales of a company. Omni-channel commerce can usually only be realized with a professional product information management system.

Omni-Channel-Commerce durch Product Information Management

SEO for Productdata

In search engine optimization, content is by far the most important element. Non-unique content leads to confusion in the indexing of web pages by search engines. The result of non unique content: the relevance of the content considerably decreases per product page. Alterra Product Information Management produces SEO relevant meta information which will be definitely placed on the right page for the search engines.

SEO mit Product Information Management


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