OpenSource software for your BMEcat

Create BMEcat catalogs from Excel – or vice versa. Quickly and easily manage your BMEcat.

OpenSource BMEcat converter

With the Sepia BMEcatConverter it takes only little time to create your own BMEcat catalogs in the familiar MS Excel environment – it is the solution for converting Excel to BMEcat via OpenSource. You need only Microsoft Excel to edit your product data.  

Download: BMEcatConverter (OpenSource)

OpenSource BMEcatViewer

To visually check your supplier catalogs BMEcatViewer is the tool of your choice.

Download: BMEcatViewer (OpenSource)

OpenSource BMEcat2Excel

We also offer the tool BMEcat2Excel that easily converts BMEcat catalogs into MS Excel files – all of this with just two mouse clicks.

Download: BMEcat2Excel (OpenSource)


  • Full integration with MS Excel
  • Edit product data in MS Excel
  • Import data from many other formats to MS Excel
  • Create BMEcat 1.2 and BMECat 2 (BMECat 2005)
  • OpenSource (= customizable on your own)

BMEcat Converter für MS Excel.

Screenshot: BMEcatConverter for MS Excel.
Frequently asked questions by users:

 Installation und Bedienung

 Frequently Asked Questions

Further information on BMEcat and other catalog formats:

On the website of the eBusiness Standardization Committee:

General information about the selection of a suitable electronic exchange format can be found in the brochure of Project PROZEUS (processes and standards) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy: Download Info Brochure


Go to the OpenSource BMECatManager for MS-Access >>>>



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