Alterra® PIM

Product Information Management

Product Information Management (PIM) Alterra PIM enables the fast implementation of a professional product information management in your company. You manage even the most complex product data in your web browser and publish them automatically in different media and in the languages ​​of the markets served by you. Because of its web-architecture based on opensource technologies, the particular strength of Alterra PIM is in the global distribution of work steps. A flexible rights management system and a sophisticated workflow management optimize the work processes around the handling your product data.

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Alterra® PCM

Product Configuration Management

Alterra Product Configuration Manager (PCM) configures product data for web shops and sales portals. Alterra PCM is a product configurator where you can create classes, rules, and configuration scenarios, which ensure that products will be found in web shops or by product configuration wizards on your website. Product data and the rules and regulations for the compatibility of the products are stored separately.

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Alterra® Webshop

Shopsystem - Webkatalog

Webshop Über Alterra PIM gepflegte Produktdaten können automatisiert über die Module Webkatalog und Shopsystem publiziert werden. Webseite und Webshop können nach Kundengruppen unterschiedliche Profile behinhalten und unterschiedliche Produktausprägungen kundenspezifisch ausgeben. Die Kombination aus Alterra PIM und den Modulen Shopsystem und Webcatalog vereint die Vorteile aus einer professionellen Datenhaltung und einer hochmodernen eCommerce Plattform.

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Alterra® DAM

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management includes all necessary functions to collect, manage, search and export media content and documents. The rights management controls access to the digital assets. The files are stored not only in directories, but they can also be associated to several categories. Metadata and keywords can be assigned to files and categories Alternative formats of a file can be generated automatically at run time.

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Alterra® MDM

Master Data Management

Master Data Managementsolves the problems of an inconsistent storage of master data in your company. With MDM software your can tackle the challenge to manage master data in a networked, heterogeneous system landscape in a central and consistent way. With Alterra MDM you can automatically record master data from other systems, manually or autmatically clean up and finally spread it into other systems.

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OpenSource BCC

BMEcat- and Classification Management

BMEcat- and Classification Management includes tools such as the Sepia BMEcatConverter. With this tool you can create your own BMEcat catalog in the familiar MS Excel environment in a short time– it is the best solution for converting Excel to BMEcat. You only need Microsoft Excel to edit your product data. Other tools like the online BMEcat converter convert files from BMEcat to . CSV (Excel). You can use the converted data directly in Excel or OpenOffice. The only system requirement is a modern web browser.

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Alterra® Web2Print


WEB to Print automatically creates print-ready PDFs on server side. You define server-side layout templates. Based on these templates, the system automatically generates PDF files. This method is suitable to automate very demanding technical data sheets or even structured high-gloss brochures. Here you can combine templates with the attributes of your products, automatically generate print-ready PDF files - even on the fly. The use of Web2Print brings time savings of up to 99% during the creation of product data sheets.

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