Software Downloads

 BMEcatConverter for Excel - OpenOffice - LibreOffice

  • Data maintainance of BMEcat data in Excel or OpenOffice / Libreoffice Calc
  • Export of the data as BMEcat.
  • Version 2.54: menues and captions also in English.
  • Version 2.55 on: supports 64 bit versions of MS-Office.
  • Version 2.57: UDX integration
  • Version 2.58: BMEcat2005 compatible Catalogs
  • Version 2.58: 6 new types of product-references
  • NEW in version 2.59: Optimization of BMECat 2005 export.
  • Version 2.60: fork standard BMEcatConverter and Newtron Version (remove UDX from standard)
  • Version 2.63: + konfigurierbare Varianten ausgeben über VARIANTS / VARIANT / SUPPLIER_AID_SUPPLEMENT

Download der Betaversion zum Testen:  BMECatConverter 2.63 BETA


BMECatConverter 2.61 Installer for Windows

Download: BMEcatConverter Installer for Windows



Alternative Download: BMEcatConverter ZIP-Archive

PHP and VB Sourcecode (OpenSource) for Developers:  BMECatConverter Sources



  BMEcat2CSV Online Converter 
This new online Converter converts BMEcat 1.2 or BMEcat 2005 to .CSV (tab separated text). You can directly use the converted data in Excel or other office applications. The only system requirement is a modern webbrowser. 

NEW: Work on your BMECat data in an online spreadsheet (like Excel).

BMEcat2CSV Online Converter

Here you can watch the screencast.


 BMEcatViewer (.NET application)

BMEcatViewer reads BMEcat files and shows them in the following formats:

  • HTML (via integrated browser)
  • Excel (requirement: MS-Excel)


 BMEcatViewer (JAVA application)

 BMEcat2Excel (converts BMEcat to .CSV)


Database Software for BMEcat

 BMEcatManager for Access (VBA OpenSource Version)


  • Datamanagement of product data in MS-Access
  • Output of data as XML (BMEcat 2005 / BMEcat 2.0)
  • Import of data from other office applications - for example Excel.

Video "How to Use BMECatConverter" - here is the screencast.


2018-07-05:  New feature PRODUCT_REFERENCE of type "accessory," "similar" and "others".


Database Publishing Software: EasyCatalog

Download Current Version for Microsoft Windows

 Easycatalog für Indesign 2021 Windows

Download Current Version for Apple Macintosh

 Easycatalog für Indesign 2021 2021 MAC


Dokumentation for Easycatalog

 Handbook EasyCatalog for Indesign 2021

 Handbuch EasyCatalog CC 2019

EasyCatalog Schnellstart Anleitung CC 2019

EasyCatalog ODBC Anleitung CC 2019

EasyCatalog XML Dataprovider Anleitung CC 2019

EasyCatalog Scripting Anleitung CC 2019


MS Windows

  Easycatalog CC 2019 Windows

 Easycatalog CC 2017 Windows

 Easycatalog CC 2015 Windows

 Easycatalog CC 2014 Windows

 Easycatalog CC (9.x) Windows

 Easycatalog CS 6 Windows

Apple Macintosh

  Easycatalog CC 2019 MAC

 Easycatalog CC 2015 MAC

 Easycatalog CC 2014 MAC

 Easycatalog CC (9.x) MAC

 Easycatalog CS 6 MAC

Dokumentation zu Easycatalog


 Handbuch EasyCatalog CC 2015

 Handbuch EasyCatalog


 Typo3Connector for Alterra PIM

 Joomla Connector for Alterra PIM 

Magento XML Import

Magento BMEcat Export





VNC Viewer

 VNC Client for Windows

 VNC Client Java

Prince: PDF from HTML

Generates printable high-end PDF files from HTML. The output formating is done by CSS. There is a free license for non-commercial use of Prince. This license adds a small logo to the first page of generated PDF files. For commercial use of Prince, you can purchase a special Sepia license for use with Alterra.




Ubuntu 14.04 / 64-bit deb

Red Hat Enterprise Linux
CentOS 7 / 64-bit rpm

Debian GNU/Linux
Debian 8.0 / 64-bit deb



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Ernst-Gnoss-Strasse 22
D-40219 Düsseldorf  - Germany

Phone: +49 211 51 419 75
Fax: +49 211 51 419 65 

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BMEcatConverter Mercateo Edition


 BMEcatConverter Version for MERCATEO

Version: 2.55

State: stable

Date: 08.07.2015

BMEcatConverter Newtron Edition


 BMEcatConverter Version Newtron AG

Version: 2.57

State: stable

Date: 31.05.2017

BMEcatConverter simple system Edition


BMEcatConverter simple system

Version: 2.60

State: stable

Date: 27.09.2019